Council of mortgage lenders

Council of Mortgage Lenders

The council of mortgage lenders (CML) is a trade association for mortgage lenders. In fact the members of the council of mortgage lenders actually account for 98% of private mortgage lending in the UK. Although that's residential lending though not commercial lending!

What is it the CML does?

The idea behind the CML is that they provide a general guide as to how mortgage providers should conduct their business and research. They provide the results and create information on the current market for the mortgage providers such as banks and building societies to use. It ensures that mortgage lenders act properly and within guidelines, creating good practice for all.

Advice on Mortgages

As consumers we can go to the CML website and take a look at headlines and current debates within the mortgage industry. This gives us a little more background knowledge on how the mortgage market is currently being influenced. They also provide a section for consumer information where you can read about subjects such as shared ownership schemes.

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Updated on 19th February, 2009

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