Cash back mortgages

Cash Back Mortgages

Cash Back Mortgages are mortgages with the added extra of a cash amount being given to you upon completion of your mortgage.

What is the point of Cashback Mortgages?

Cashback mortgage incentives are to assist people with the costs of moving and toward upgrades. Anyone who has moved home will be very aware that it can prove very expensive indeed and therefore, cash back mortgages have proved to be very popular.

What is in it for the mortgage lender? Well, cash back is usually offered on mortgage products which have a tie in period and so they make much more than just the cash back amount back.

Due to the current climate cash back mortgage deals have become thin on the ground and so it may be a product which you have to search to find. Always remember though that just because a mortgage offers cash back it does not mean that it is the best mortgage on the market, always make sure you compare the cost of repayments and include any mortgage fees. If a cash back mortgage does prove to be more expensive, even after taking into account the cashback amount, consider very carefully if this is the mortgage you really want. If you are short of cash there are always other options such as a personal loan, which may prove to be more cost effective. If there is not much difference in cost between the mortgages and the cash back amount really would assist you in moving etc, then Idon't rule it out. It all really depends on what are the most important factors for your mortgage contract.

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Updated on 13th February, 2009

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